TOP 10 Healthy and Yummy Pregnancy Recipes

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Pregnancy is a great time in life that comes with its share of changes! The nutritional needs of a pregnant woman must be adapted as she “eats for two” and prepares her body for childbirth. For the mothers-to-be, here are ten healthy and delicious recipes for a beautiful healthy pregnancy.

#10 – Pasta with Aubergines and Pumpkin Seeds  

Pregnancy Recipes Pasta with Aubergines and Pumpkin Seeds

Pasta with Aubergines and Pumpkin Seeds

You should not make a pregnant woman wait when she is hungry! Opt for this quick and succulent Italian recipe. It is also rich in iron, a very important mineral during pregnancy.

#9 – Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

Pregnancy Recipes Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

Shiitakes, eryngii, shimeji, does that ring a bell? These are Japanese mushrooms that will not only make a delicious side to meat or tofu, but they also provide choline, a nutrient essential for the development of the placenta.

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#8 – Strawberry and Chia Pudding

Pregnancy Recipes Strawberry and Chia Pudding

Strawberry and Chia Pudding

This dish is not only pretty and colorful: we also love it for its refreshing taste and simplicity. Perfect for a light dessert or a snack.

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October 27, 2021 River said:

These look delicious! A good idea for the soups or anything that requires water, is to use spring water instead of tap. The same goes for daily drinking water too actually. I switched to bear springs and it’s been the best change, not just health wise but recipes and teas and soups taste better too.

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