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Eating well without racking your brains? Yes, it’s possible!

Do you feel that meal planning is often a real headache and the avalanche of information on proper nutrition leaves you feeling confused and uncertain about your food choices? Then it’s high time you discovered SOSCuisine!

The SOSCuisine web site is the answer to the age-old question “What are we eating tonight?”. The service provided is the generation of personalized meal plans with grocery lists that take into account flyer discounts.

Latest information that is reliable and complete

SOSCuisine analyzes all the fresh products available at the best prices, and creates tasty, complete and balanced recipes that satisfy your needs. Menus are updated every week and each recipe is accompanied by its nutrition facts sheet, ensuring that your nutrient needs are met.

The SOSCuisine team consists of renowned professionals, including Danielle Lamontagne, Chief Nutritionist, and has developed partnerships with the the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM), and CGI for its programme on health and workplace wellness.

Currently, SOSCuisine has over 300,000 members around the world. Are you suffering from any particular health problems such as diabetes, gluten intolerance, inflammatory disease or cardiovascular problems? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Are you looking for a meal plan that the entire family, including tough-to-please children will love? You will find menus to suit your needs, without any risk of nutritional deficiencies. Everything is calculated for you.

Save time and money

SOSCuisine helps you trim 100 dollars a month from your grocery bill. With the grocery list generated by the site, you’ll only buy products you need for preparing your meals at the best price, as the site goes through flyer discounts for you and tells you where to find them. The Action plan minimizes the time spent in the kitchen. Most of the recipes require less than 30 minutes to prepare and can also be frozen. What’s more, it even tells you when to take out your frozen dishes so they can be ready to serve when the time comes.

SOS Cuisine is the answer to your desire to eat healthy regardless of your lifestyle. Every day and on every occasion.


About the founder

founder SOSCuisine fondatriceFounder of SOSCuisine, Cinzia Cuneo (pron. Chin-tsee-a), recognised the demand for a no-nonsense service that would provide a practical – and personalised – solution to the apparently conflicting needs of eating well and busy lifestyles.

An engineer by training, and manager by profession, Italian-born Cinzia has lived and travelled extensively in different countries while pursuing a demanding career in high-tech multinational corporations.

Never accepting compromises on the quality of what she and her loved ones would eat, Cinzia developed and perfected over the years a special expertise in preparing tasty, healthy and varied meals in a minimum amount of time and hassle.

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