What Type of Diet Should You Choose When You Have Diabetes?

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In 2019, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) released a consensus report on the nutritional treatment of diabetes based on the latest evidence. The conclusion of this report indicates that different dietary approaches can be followed to improve blood sugar levels when you are diabetic. Yet, in all cases, the following 3 suggestions are highly recommended:

  • Minimize added sugars and refined cereals
  • Avoid ultra-processed foods
  • Eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables (all vegetables recommended except for potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peas and corn)

All of our SOSCuisine meal plans will help you to follow these 3 suggestions.


poisson fish

Fish, Mercury, Omega-3 and Pregnancy

Kathryn Adel January 20, 2020 , , ,

Omega-3s are important during pregnancy, and pregnant women are recommended to eat fish in order to help them meet their nutrient needs. However, certain fish have a high content of contaminants, such as mercury, and can interfere with the optimal development of the baby. Here is more information on the subject so you can make informed choices!


The Ketogenic Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Jennifer Morzier January 15, 2020 , ,

Do you have irritable bowel syndrome, and have you heard that the ketogenic diet could help? I invite you to continue reading this article.



TOP 10: Healthy Budget-Friendly Recipes

Jeanne Dumouchel January 15, 2020 , , , ,

Saving money while eating healthy is possible! It is one of our missions at SOSCuisine. Subscribe to our services and use our Grocery Flyers Wizard to find out which recipes are rated “best deal of the week” at your local supermarket. To help you save money on your grocery bill, we’ve put together 10 of our best cheap and easy recipes.


Hypothyroidism and Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Kathryn Adel January 13, 2020 , ,

Hypothyroidism is a condition that affects up to 5% of the North American and European population. Postmenopausal women are the most affected by this disease. There are several food myths surrounding thyroid function. Let’s shed light on this subject.


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