Ate Too Much? Here’s How to Feel Better ASAP

December 15, 2022 ,

When we celebrate a birthday or are at a party, it can often happen that we launch into a real eating frenzy. At certain times of the year, we can overeat over a period of several days. The immediate consequences can be indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and the feeling of heaviness, acidity, a bitter mouth, belching, and fatigue the next day.

So you ate too much and want to know how to feel better asap? Here are some simple tips to consider:

1. Stay well hydrated

Drink plenty of water and depurative infusions for the liver and intestines, such as infusions of dandelion, artichoke, and milk thistle or infusions of mallow and lemon balm.

You can include vegetable broths or miso in your diet, without adding too much salt.
A good tip is to drink a glass of water every time you are about to eat something: this way you can help to control your hunger and will arrive at the end of the day being well hydrated.

2. Get moving

It’s best to avoid strenuous exercise, but a walk in the fresh air will help to boost your metabolism.

3. Eat, yes, but in moderation

First and foremost, you need to listen to your body’s signals. Therefore, only eat if you are sure to be hungry and, if you are hungry, eat foods that are easy to digest:

  • Prioritise vegetables and fruits of all colors; In particular, raw vegetables are recommended for their draining and digestive properties. Mixed salads containing fruits and vegetables are also a good option, as well as vegetable purees, or grains with lightly sautéed vegetables.
  • Avoid animal proteins (especially cold cuts, meats and cheeses), which can be replaced by legumes in various forms (soups, purees, creams, burgers, stews).

You can also help yourself feel better with bromelain supplements, which are helpful both for aiding digestion and protect against water retention, which tends to increase with a less controlled diet; or with aloe vera supplements which can help the gut to deflate after overeating.

If you also drank too much and want to learn how to recover from your hangover, read this article .

Finally, to prevent this type of problem, the next time you are invited to a feast, follow these tips.


Antonella Giordano
Antonella has 2 professional titles in nutrition because she graduated in Food Sciences (University of Genoa) and holds a master's degree in Nutrition (University of Bologna). She is also a biologist (University of Florence). She is a member of the Order of Biologists (ONB) since 2013 and a SINU member. Passionate about psycho-nutrition issues, her goal is to help her clients find a balance and a healthy and correct relationship with food and with their body.

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