A Romeo & Juliet (or Ellen & Portia)-style Valentine’s Day… at low prices!

February 3, 2014

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for creating an ambience worthy of the greatest romances…

A small I-love-you card and a Valentine’s Day gift might always be appreciated but why not opt for originality and responsible spending this year? Your partner will definitely cherish your efforts!

Since the SOSCuisine philosophy is based on consuming the least possible manufactured and/or processed products, I invite you to consult our Valentine’s Day recipe suggestions that are healthy and easy to prepare! A Valentine’s Day at home, if well organized, is one of the best ways to create an unforgettable memory.

Having said that, ambiance does play a crucial role in making the evening romantic and so I’m recommending a few handy Valentine’s Day tips to help you create a festive and intimate atmosphere in order to enjoy a special evening with your loved one.

In my view, Valentine’s Day is divided into two main parts: meal and after-meal. Of course you might do something else between the two, but the following Valentine’ Day suggestions will give you some ideas to guarantee that the beginning and the end of the evening are a complete success, no matter what happens in between.

Over the next few days, I’ll provide you with a Valentine’s Day DIY in three acts:

Valentine’s Day DIY, Act I: I love you very much…
Valentine’s Day DIY, Act II: I love you passionately…
Valentine’s Day DIY, Act III: I love you madly…


Amanda Labourot
Passionate about communications - but less clued up on cooking - Amanda hopes to gain some insights from SOSCuisine about improving one's health on a daily basis, whilst enjoying good food.

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