5 tips for our little runners

2 September, 2014 ,

Running is a sport that’s easily accessible to all. No doubt this is one of the reasons why it’s hugely popular.

And many parents have even told me how much they are bonding with their kid(s) since they started running together as a family.

Other parents have several questions about children practicing this sport. For example: “Is it OK for children to take part in running?” or “What do we do to prevent injuries?”

The World Health Organization recommends that children should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. So they can jog or run every day if they wish. You should just make sure that the children don’t overdo it with a vengeance and also ensure that there’s no pressure on them to perform: it should remain their choice.

The following points are also important…

  1. Don’t follow a structured training plan; the idea is to run around on various surfaces for “fun“.
  2. Make them discover other types of activities, they need variety and novelty.
  3. Tell them they can walk if they get tired.
  4. Avoid telling them how to run. Children will develop their own technique.
  5. Opt for low, light and flexible shoes, in which you can almost feel the ground.

So go on, put on your shoes! Run as a family, first and foremost for FUN!!!



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Annie D’Amours

Annie D’Amours

Personal Coach at anniedamours.ca

Annie D’Amours, a preventive health expert and personal trainer, is interested in all aspects of physical and psychological health for women. Since 2010, she has helped her clients to adopt healthy lifestyles to be in better physical and psychological health. She takes client satisfaction much to heart, which is why she takes a completely personalised approach.

Annie D’Amours

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