Meal Plans and Recipes for Preventing Alzheimer's

Reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease by 30%

How can these Meal Plans help me prevent Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive decline?

Can we age healthfully while considerably reducing the risk of being affected by Alzheimer’s Disease? The answer is YES. Studies have shown that it’s possible to prevent 30% of Alzheimer’s cases by adopting better lifestyle habits. The proper diet allows the brain to stay young, longer, among other healthy habits.

Because Alzheimer’s Disease starts to progressively develop in the brain 10 or 20 years before detection, the best time to adopt a healthy diet is…NOW.

We’re offering you preventative Alzheimer’s meal plans and recipes that take all the applicable recommendations into account, including those of the MIND diet and the Mediterranean diet. In short: Eat real, unprocessed, varied food, especially colourful fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains, with the goal of feeling satisfied. Season with good oils (olive and canola). Enjoy fatty fish and lean meats (especially poultry). Do this on a regular basis, and you can keep Alzheimer’s Disease at bay.

With these Alzheimer’s preventing meal plans and recipes, you’ll have everything you need to keep your body and your brain, well-fed.


Expert recommendations on your plate every day


New habits to keep your brain young longer


Over 1200 delicious recipes to prevent Alzheimer's Disease

The most recent studies show that it's possible to prevent 30% of Alzheimer's cases by adopting better lifestyle habits.*

Norton, Sam, et al. Potential for primary prevention of Alzheimer's disease: an analysis of population-based data. The Lancet Neurology 13.8 (2014): 788-794

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Our Alzheimer's Meal Plans are delicious and easy to to integrate into your daily routine. We provide you with the information, tools, or professional help necessary to keep your brain young and slow cognitive decline.

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  • A matching grocery list
  • An Action Plan to minimise time spent in the kitchen
  • Over 1200 recipes: Fast, satisfying, and delicious

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Our meals are created by registered dietitians to help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

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Over 1200 Alzheimer's recipes: Fast, easy, and delicious.

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Alzheimer's Meal Plans

Your site offers much more than recipes

Your site is SUPER well made and very complete: simple and well-explained recipes, beautiful photos, and a grocery list organised by food categories. The concept is simple: a step-by-step guide to organising a healthy diet.

I'm in the process of taking charge of my health. I'm starting to exercise again, and before knowing about you, I TRIED to eat well but I found it boring and not always easy. You'll be a part of my new life!

- Patrick G.

Alzheimer's Meal Plans

SOSCuisine is recommended by:

Médecins francophones du Canada
Centre EPIC
Martin Juneau

"It’s now a well-documented fact that we can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's Disease [...] And it’s also equally well known that diet modification is the most difficult challenge [...] SOS Cuisine is a tool of the highest quality to help you adopt and maintain a Mediterranean diet. The SOS Cuisine website is very professionally designed and it is convenient to use. We recommend the SOS Cuisine services to all our patients and everyone who wishes to improve their diet."

Dr. Martin Juneau, MD, MSc(Psy), FRCP(C)
Cardiologist, Director of Prevention (Montreal Heart Institute), Professor (Department of Medicine, University of Montreal)

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Frequently Asked Questions

*By how much can I reduce my risk of Alzheimer's Disease?

The most recent scientific studies show that it's possible to prevent 30% of cases by adopting better lifestyle habits. On an individual level, that means it's possible to substantially reduce the risk by following these meal plans.

Very simple changes in lifestyle habits can have a very positive impact on Alzheimer's Disease prevention. Plus, these changes are beneficial to both cardiovascular health and metabolism.

So, this method is more encouraging than medications, which have little effect on symptoms and don't seem to slow the progression of the disease.

Are SOSCuisine Meal Plans reliable?

Our Alzheimer's Meal Plans comply fully with the recommendations of the experts in the field, the main ones being the following:

  1. Moris et al., MIND Diet Associated with Reduced Incidence of Alzheimer's Disease
  2. Health Canada, Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide - January 2019
  3. Health Canada, Dietary Reference Intake Tables
  4. USDA - USA, ChooseMyPlate
  5. National Health Service (NHS) - UK, The Eatwell Guide

The nutritional data is from the Canadian Nutrient File, and completed by the French food composition table Ciqual (France), the USDA Food Composition Database (USA), and the Fineli base (Finland).

IMPORTANT: The information provided on this website does not replace a medical consultation and is not intended for self diagnosis. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking a change to your diet or lifestyle. See Terms & Conditions.

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